Shiyi Li is an interdisciplinary artist who works in animation, illustration, live performance and visual & sound installation, currently based in Birmingham, the United Kingdom. 

Shiyi is known for her ethereal and surreal visual style, dreamy colors. Her artworks have been exhibited throughout the world, including London Short Film Festivals, BFI Future Film Festival/ South Bank Centre and Beijing Times Arts Museum. 

Available for hiring 


Animation Screens
London Short Film Festival Official Selection 2021 
BFI Future Film Festival 2021
Genius Animation Art Festival 2020 (Beijing Times Art Museum, China)
Supertoon Film Festival Official Selection 2020
Short Film Breaks Official Selection 2020
Bellingham Music Film Festival USA 2019
Overlap show&Tell/ Flatpack Film Festival 2019
Italy Reset Music Festival 2019
New York Lift-Off Film Festival Online Selection 2019
Overlap Show&Tell November 2019
Hongkong City Hall 2019
South London Shorts 2018

SoundingEye Collective
Dreamerfly, and other stories
8mins 360-degree immersive installation/ 45mins live performance

The Thirteen way of Looking Art Exhibition (the Herbert Art Gallery & Muesum 2020)

Minister of Loneliness
Live performance 15mins/ expanded media/

Biennale International Design Saint-Etienne France 2019
Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art 2019
Overlap show&Tell/ Flatpack Film Festival 2019
Experimental and Expanded Animation Conference UCA 2019
PGVIM International Symposium Bangkok 2019
Birmingham Royal Conservatoire 2019
Strength & Sensitivity: Chicago (Hairpin Arts Center, Chicago, USA)



Thirteen Ways Of Looking

The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum  

New Art West Midlands x Coventry Biennial Contemporary Art / Artist Spotlight: Shiyi Li

International Curators Forum

KUTX national public radio



Workshops Visual sounds workshop for BA students in SUIC BAVC university Bangkok 2019

Reportage Illustration Workshop in Impact Hub 2019

Animation workshop for 2rd year BCU illustration students 2019

Children’s colorbox workshop / Flatpack Film Fesitival 2018