Shiyi Li

I tell stories.

Burn & Soo

Burn & Soothe
A woman’s reflection on a past love story while she is driving at sunset,
a series of montages pleasant images of desire,
while others demonstrate more soothing, comforting experiences.
The woman reminisces but knows to move forward from her past as she rides into the sunset.

London Short Film Festival 2021 (UK)
BFI Future Film Festival 2021 (London, UK)
Genius Animation Art Festival 2020 (Beijing Times Art Museum, China)
Supertoon Film Festival 2020 (Sibenik, Croatia)

Directed and animated by Shiyi Li
Written and performed by Mopac -
Recorded at Cacophony Recorders in Austin, Texas. 
Mixed and Mastered by Erik Wofford.

‘Burn & Soothe’ is the first single from Mopac's forthcoming EP.
Released on November 5, 2019.


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