Shiyi Li

I tell stories.

Dreamerfly, and other stories (Trailer)

                         Dreamerfly, and other stories (Chapter - Loss) from 

Dreamerfly and other stories is a 45-minute experimental virtual live performance
combining animation and contemporary jazz music.

It has been developed and will be presented by visual artist Shiyi Li,
British jazz musicians James Owston and Daniel Kemshell
and American percussionists Lindsey Eastham and Gloria Yehilevsky.
Dreamerfly inspired by Chinese philosophy 'The Butterfly Dream', a dream between
a butterfly and a human, a discussion of reality and fantasy.

The five chapters 'Struggle', 'Loss', 'Lonely', 'Balance', 'Rebirth' shared
an emotional experience of exploring true-self. Follow through the caterpillar
from struggle to rebirth, then becoming a butterfly, so are we.


Visual director & Animator
Shiyi Li

Music director & Composer
James Owston

Logistical Director
Gloria Yehilevsky

Lindsey Eastham - vibraphone/percussion
Daniel Kemshell - guitar
James Owston - double bass
Gloria Yehilevsky - percussion/vibraphone

Director of Photography
Denis Shakir

Shiyi Li &Denis Shakir

Coloring Artists
Dingli Yang
Xenia Gardel
Emily Doyle
Josh Leach
Chieh-yu, Hsiao

Alyssa Fritz
Denis Shakir

Audio Engineers
Austin Hammonds
Olly Sansom/Sansom StudiosAudio

Mixing & Mastering
Sam Baldwin/Town Studios

“Dreamerfly, and Other Stories,” was commissioned for the “Thirteen Ways of Looking” exhibition
curated by Dr Sylvia Theuri by way of a New Art West Midlands
and International Curators Forum Curatorial Residency in partnership
with and hosted by Herbert Art Gallery & Museum,
in association with Coventry Biennial.

We were generously supported by the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Arts Council Emmergency Funds,
and its partners listed above, and additional funding was provided by
individual supporters via a Kickstarter campaign.

Addition Thanks
Devon Armstrong
Catherine Barnes
Christopher Clarino
Anna Barbara Films LLC
Dave Lewis
Alex Lewis
Black Swamp Percussion LLC
Marimba One